What we do

We help motivated professionals who feel frustrated, lost, or distracted gain clarity and understanding so they can confidently move forward to reach their targeted goals.

About Michael

My purpose is to provide clarity and transformation by helping you achieve a richer understanding of yourself and your motivations so you can formulate a comprehensive plan to reach your goals based on a deeper self-awareness.

I support by providing a judgment-free environment, by being inquisitive and honest, and by listening for understanding. I teach and encourage honest introspection which should cause discomfort, but incentivize change. I help change “reaction” to “response” so you can transform yourself, your relationship, or your teams.

*Available for in-person, phone, or virtual meetings.

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Professional Coaching

Through Assessment and ongoing conversation we identify the roots of your needs, clarify and organize the challenges, then create sound strategies to overcome them and reach your intended goal.

  • Upward mobility
  • Develop your leadership style
  • Recognize your career paths
  • Clarify your “trouble spots”

What People Say

Life coaching was something I never considered until I hit a crossroads in my life and career. Every session I had, Michael challenged me and asked the very questions that led me to the self-realizations I needed. Since our sessions, my business has doubled in profit & my relationships with family and spouse are stronger and deeper. I highly recommend his coaching program whether you need just one session or twenty! You will not be disappointed.

– Gaby Campbell, Realtor – ‘Brand Name Real Estate’
Former hybrid ‘Professional + Individual Coaching’ client.

Individual Coaching

Through Consultation and ongoing conversations we clarify what you want to accomplish and identify the challenges to reaching your goals and create the strategies to overcome them.

  • Personal development
  • Professional development
  • Career transition
  • Relationship challenges

What People Say

Michael helped me to prioritize & organize the positive things in my life, and identify & remove negative influences in my life.

– Jenny Johnson, SHS Cash Applications Coordinator
Former ‘Individual/Personal Coaching’ client.
Jenny is debt free, owns her own home, and has been working at the same company since 2013. She has held a Lead position since 2018.
Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Through Conversations with Leadership and Line Workers we identify and target areas for improvement, then customize a training program to develop leaders resulting in improved team performance.

  • Crucial Conversations
  • Group Dynamics
  • EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  • SMART Goals
Team Development

Team Development

Through Conversations with Line Workers and Team Leaders, we determine points of focus and create and implement a development strategy to improve team culture and performance during scheduled coaching sessions.

  • Formal and influential leadership
  • Conflict management
  • Setting and reaching goals
  • Communication styles
Exclusive Offer

FREE Initial 30-minute Consultation

Who doesn’t like a discount? Book your first Consultation today and receive this exclusive offer.